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"From Crisis to Sustainability"
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Circles - Winston Salem

Circles is an innovative model based on a body of research suggesting that in order for families with low income to improve their situation, they must have bonding social capital within the community, bringing social capital to access the resources contained by higher income networks, and linking social capital that connects the first two with public institutions.


"I am so grateful for Circles and its lessons for life! For me, Circles is all about celebrating the greatness of the individual and one’s purpose of putting back into life more than is taken out. It is coming to understanding the magnificence’s of passed hardships, the nobility of meaningful work and developing courage to embrace the future. Having the opportunity to my make wholesome friendship and access years of friendly wisdom gives hope…" Richard Shirey, Muncie, Indiana 

"Next to my faith, Circles has been the major catalyst of change in my life. I now have opportunities and the confidence to do things that have been in my heart for years and I never thought them possible. I'm a single mom with three children. Before Circles, I lived at the mercy of the next crisis. I had a job with a desent income, but if any extra came up, my life was thrown into a tailspin. Now I have a plan and an emergency fund. I no longer depend on payday loans. The Getting ahead class opened my eyes to my reality, and also helped me recognize the resources I need to reach my goals. My Allies give me ideas, feedback and encouragement at each step. Of the three major goals that I set. I have already reached one and I'm well on my way with the other two. I feel so proud and grateful for how others are investing in my life. Circles will be a big part of my life from now on. Not only will it help me to reach my goals, but Circles allows me to give back by helping others reach theirs." - Takiyah McCathern

Carol Wilson, Circles Coach

Lyn Boyd, Circles Coordinator
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